Research Progress

The sea-quence project prides it self with providing gold standard assemblies and annotations. Sequence data is available via ENA, complete genomes will be released via ReefGenomics: Some pre-release data can already be accessed by contacting involved research partners.


  • In Octover 2017, a total of nine corals have been sequenced and assembled (Acropora tenuis, Acropora hyacinthus, Favia favus, Fungia fungites, Galaxea fascicularis, Goniastera apsera, Montipora spumosa, Pachyseris speciosa and Porites lutea)
  • Pachyseris speciosa has an estimated genome size of 900 Mb
  • Gene annotations of the assemblies are completed for six of these nine corals (Porites lutea, Acropora tenius, Pachyseris speciosa, Goniastera aspera, Fungia fungites and Galaxea fascicularis).


  • Annotated assembiles from three Symbiodinium isolates are available: Clades F (CS-156; cultured), C1 (Magnetic Siland, QLD; cultured), and C15 (isolated from P. lutea holobiont; non-cultured)


  • A worlds first population genome recovered from a holobiont
  • 57 hight quality population genomes (>80% complete) have been made available
  • A comparison to the 16s rRNA community profile shows that the covers all but 7 of the total enriched data set (27 of the top 30 are recovered)


Access to all this data can be requested from:

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Supported by funding from RioTinto and Bioplatforms Australia and a private family foundation, the Australian Governments's Resilient Coral Reefs Successfully Adapting to Climate Change research and development program and a grant from the Queensland Government Accelerate partnerships fund.